About Shual Foundation

The Shual foundation is an NGO that is devoted to providing material, social and academic support to the unit’s soldiers and veterans.The organization was founded in 2006 by veterans of the unit and works in cooperation with the unit’s current commanders.The main goal of the Foundation is to connect the unit’s veterans, bereaved families, active soldiers and unit commanders (past and present) with one another.Main activities:

  • The Shual Foundation scholarship program – providing financial help to unit veterans who wish to begin their studies, but cannot afford the expense of higher education.
  • Memory and memorialization of the fallen.
  • From Soldiers to Civilians guidance-counseling conferences.
  • Supporting Lone Soldiers.
  • Helping veterans find jobs.

The organization is legally registered with the Registrar of Associations. It is run by volunteers and scholarship recipients, former combat soldiers and commanders in the unit, and is overseen by a professional team of lawyers and accountants.

פעילות עמותת השועל

Our Projects


The Shual Foundation Scholarship Program

The Shual Foundation scholarship program provides financial help to unit veterans who wish to begin their studies, but cannot afford the expense of higher education. The program was created to help, support, and show appreciation to the young men and women who risked their lives during military service and devoted themselves to protecting the state of Israel.

The scholarship gives the former soldiers an extraordinary opportunity for a future that otherwise would have been beyond their reach. Every recipient is directly sponsored by a donor who accompanies the student throughout the course of his/her studies. This way, the full extent of a donor’s impact can be understood through the personal and meaningful connection between the donor and the student. The student receives not only monetary support, but also encouragement and inspiration from his/her donor.

The recipients of the Shual Foundation scholarship are selected by a voluntary Board of Directors, according to the following criteria:

  1. Coming from low-income families and/or a disadvantaged socio-economic background.
  2. Seeking undergraduate studies in universities or colleges, or studies toward a diploma in academic institutions, accredited by the Council for Higher Education in Israel.

During the course of their studies, each recipient completes 130 hours of voluntary community service each year. Since the establishment of the program, The Shual Foundation has granted nearly 500,000 NIS in scholarships to about 88 combat veterans. This investment in the future of combat soldiers rewards their commitment and makes our society stronger and our future brighter.


Support the Givati Recon Soldiers
Givati Recon soldiers go through rigorous training and take part in complex and intensive combat operations. The Shual Foundation supports the soldiers emotionally and materially by meeting them in the training facilities after they have completed every section of their 3 level training program.  The Foundation works closely with the unit’s officers and is alerted to any soldier who needs financial or logistical assistance. We pay special attention to “Lone Soldiers” whose families are not in the country. We aim to motivate and strengthen them on their long military journey and let them know that we are always there for them.

After 3 years of service
Military service is difficult, demanding and dangerous. But returning to civilian life also poses challenges for the those who have served in the armed forces. The Shual Foundation is there to help, guide and assist. Three times a year it holds a two day guidance-counseling conferences. During the conference the soldiers participate in classes and lectures about their rights and responsibilities as they re-enter civilian life. We also teach them about safe backpacking, managing financially, universities, job opportunities and a verity of subjects that can help them make good decisions during the crucial time of the transition. They get a chance to talk and get advise from leading and
inspiring individuals in the Israeli society and let us know if they need logistic or financial help. We believe that Just as our veterans served our country out of a sense of duty and mission, it’s our duty to serve them as they transition out of military life.

The Foundation does not forget those in whose merit we are here, and who must be cherished for it. Our fallen brethren sacrificed their lives for us and deserve all the respect we can give them. We do not forget the families who were left bereft and broken. These families suffered the greatest loss possible and the Foundation views providing support to families of fallen soldiers as being of paramount importance. Every year, on the eve of Memorial Day, the Foundation conducts a ceremony in memory of the fallen. Hundreds of veterans, soldiers, families and friends of the fallen soldiers come together to remember. The foundation also makes sure to document and teach the soldiers stories and heritage.